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版高考英语 Passage 6 Life双语美文集锦素材

Passage 6 Life You wake up in the morning, feeling groggy and disoriented. You look at yourself in the mirror, fearful to look him straight in the eye. You back zero tolerance on boredom, stuffing every vacant moment with talks, malls and laptops! You are silent in their eyes, yet the noisiest in yours, for that inner voice you can hardly hear. You hang on the rim of the wheel of fortune, going up and down, tasting highs and lows. Life goes on but it is out of control! Not so soon, nor too late. You open your eyes, stretching your muscles and seeing the whole world beckons to you. You cheat him no more, smile to him , stare at him, knowing he is with you clear up to the end. You celebrate every moment, busy or free; strive not to become a human-doing, be and consider like a human-being! You talk gently, speak forcefully, and argue eloquently, because a mind in peace functions with effortless ease. You break free, make it to the hub, center your life on the bliss. Let it go! Let it flow! Life still is, but you got a big role! 生活 清晨初醒,你只觉昏昏沉沉,糊里糊涂。 对着镜中的他,你已不敢直视那双眼。 你对无聊的零容忍,让你的生活被塞满闲聊,购物,笔记本! 他们眼中安静的你,在你心中却嘈杂不堪,只因心声早已杳不可闻。 你攀上命运之轮的边缘,从此生活跌宕起伏,阴晴不定。 生活依然继续,却已脱离掌控。 光阴不长不短,会有一天: 你睁开双眼,舒展筋骨,世界已然向你呼唤。 不再欺骗镜中的他,朝他微笑,死死盯着他,你明白他将伴你走过一生的旅程 不论闲暇忙碌,珍惜每个当下。你不再被生活俘虏忙个不停,思考并实现人之为人!你言辞 温婉,演说铿锵,雄辩滔滔,一切运行自如,却宁静而无为。 你挣脱轮缘,爬上轮轴中心, 专注万物的美好。放开拳头!让幸福在掌心流动! 生活依旧如是,你不作主,孰作主!