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版高考英语 Passage 3 The expectation of grandfather双语美文集锦素材

Passage 3 The expectation of grandfather We made every effort to assure a better life for our kids but our attempt proved to be an abortion. For my grandchildren, would know better. I hope you follow your priest’s suggestion to read the Bible in your spare time, though you have no religious belief. I hope you consult with the veterans (stagers) frequently. When you disagree others, you should not only dare to argue, but also be patient to hear your opponents’ arguments and remember that weapon can’t be the terminal solution, I hope you learn to drive a crane or mend the semiconductor radio. A craft will ensure that you won’t be starved forever. I hope you know there is not only applause, medals and crowns , but also failure, defeat and dilemma in the world; there are not only peace, equality and cooperation but also controversy collision and contradiction , or even traps , cruelty and deception in the world , I hope you show charity to the cripples, I hope you could help others sincerely at your convenience by doing some minor things, such as vacuuming the house for your mom, shifting the tire for Mister Smith or stopping in highway when somebody thumbs a ride. I hope you have ever mounted a high mountain equipped with a compass and torch. I also hope nobody would send you a brand-new auto before you’re 20. My cherished grandson, I hope you compute the sending of your allowance and make a timetable or an agenda lest time click away without your consciousness. My dear grandson, I want you to put down your briefcase, leave your urban life with air-condition, internet and vehicles, and take a break at hometown when you are tired , I surely hop you could accompany grandpa to have a haircut or see the dentist or have a chat with your grandma. 爷爷的期望 我们竭尽全力想让我们的儿女们过得更好,而结果却无济于事。对我的孙辈们,我就明智得多了。 我希望你听众神父的建议。闲时读读《圣经》,虽然你自己并没有宗教信仰。 我希望你多向经验丰富的人请教。 我希望你在跟别人起冲突时,勇于为自己辩护,但是,也要有耐心倾听对手的声音,切记武力并不能解决所有问题。 我希望你能学一门手艺,比方说开起重机或修半导体收音机等。一技在身,吃穿不愁。 我希望你知道这个世界上不仅有掌声、勋章和皇冠,也会有失败、挫折和困境;不仅有和平、平等和合作,也会有争论、冲突和矛盾,甚至会有陷阱、残忍和欺骗。 我希望你对伤残人士表现出同情。我希望你能真诚地帮助别人,做些力所能及的小事。比如,帮妈妈用吸尘器清扫房间,帮史密斯先生换汽车轮胎或是在路上让别人搭车等等。 我真的希望你曾带着指南针和手电筒,爬上过高山。我也希望没有人在你20岁之前送你一辆轿车。 我的宝贝孙子,我希望你们学会做计划,不要花光所有的零花钱,不要让时间在不经意间流逝。 我亲爱的孙子,最后希望你,工作累了,就放下公文包,离开那有着网络、空调和车辆的都市生活,回家乡休息一下。我当然也希望你有时间陪爷爷理个发,看看牙医或是陪奶奶聊聊天。