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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 9》单元综合检测题(无答案) 人教新目标版

《Unit 9 When was it invented 》单元综合检测题 一、单项选择(20分) ( ) 1. —Is City Museum open to the public yet? —Yes. It ______for almost three months. A. has openedB. has being opened C. has been open D. was open ( ) 2. We know that something ____ to end it. A. must is done B. must be done C. must do D. must done ( ) 3. Please give me a piece of paper ________. A. to write B. to write on C. to write at D. writing ( ) 4. You may ___ here until the rain stops. A. leave B. come C. reach D. stay ( ) 5. The rubbish smells __________. A. well B. badly C. terribly D. terrible ( ) 6. My father finished his work ___________. A. in the end B. by the end C. at the end D. for the end. ( ) 7. It’s ________ for me to see you. A. please B. pleasure C. pleased D. pleasant ( ) 8. The stones they carried were used ________ houses and bridges. A. to build B. to be built C. for building D. A or C ( ) 9. The room_____________ as a study. A. used to being used B. used to be used C. was used to be used D. was used to being used ( ) 10. _____ the new China _____ on October 1, 1949 ? A. Did, found B Was, found C. Was, founded D. Did, be founded ( ) 11. I still can’t believe it! My bicycle____ last night. A. is stolen B. was stolen C. was stole D. stole ( ) 12. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve ______ my handbag at home. A. missed B. put C. forgotten D. left ( ) 13. ---________ bad weather! -----Yes, and it will last ____. A. What, two days B. What a, two days C. How, for two days D. How, two days long ( ) 14. Some gifts were ________ on her _________ birthday. A. for her, ninth B. to her, nineth C. for her, nine D. to her, ninth ( ) 15. Look! There _________deer ________with the tourists on Yinhe Square. A. are a number of, playing B. are a number of, play C. is a number of, playing D. is a number of, play ( )16.---Will you go to the dinner party ? ---I won’t go unless Tom______. A.is invited B.will be invited C.has invited D.invites ( )17.The road _____last year. A.builds B.built C.was built D.is built ( )18.They were made _____day and night those days. A.work B.worked C.to work D.works 二、完型填空 (15分) People all over the world eat rice. 1 people, in Asia, Africa and South America 2 it every day of their lives. Some people almost do not eat 3 except rice. Rice is a kind of 4 . There are more than 7000 kinds of rice. Most kinds are water plants. Farmers 5 rice in many countries even in the southern part of Russia and in eastern Australia. No one really knows where rice 6 . Someone in China wrote about it almost 5000 years ago. Some scientists think that rice 7 in West Africa, 8 think it 9 from India and then 10 to other parts of the world. ( ) 1. A. Thousand of B. Hundreds of C. Millions of D. A million of ( ) 2. A. eat B. eats C. eaten D. is eaten () 3.A.everything B. something C. anything D. nothing ( ) 4. A. grass B. fruit C. flower D. vegetable ( ) 5. A. make B. run C. keep D. grow ( ) 6. A. came from B. came to C. went from D. went to ( ) 7. A. grew B. grow C. is grown D. was grown ( ) 8. A. another B. other C. the other D. others ( ) 9. A. came B. come C. was come D. was coming ( )10. A. was planted B. was taken C. was kept D. was grown 一、阅读理解 (20分) A In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business .But he was not a good artist .So he invented a very simple camera .He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of his garden .That was the first photo. The next important date in the history of photography was in 1837.That year, Daguere, another Frenchman, took a picture of his reading room .He used a new kind of camera in a different way. In his picture you could see everything very clearly, even the smallest thing. This kind of photo was called a Daguerreotype. Soon, other people began to use Daguerre’s way .Travelers brought back wonderful photos from all around the world .people took picture of famous buildings, cities and mountains. In about 1840, photography was developed .Then photographers could take picture of people and moving things .That was not simple .The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines. But this did not stop them, for example, some in the United States worked so hard. Mathew Brady was a famous American photographer. He took many picture of great people .The picture were unusual because they were very lifelike. Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19th century .Some photos were nor just copies of the real world .They showed and feelings, like other kinds of art. ( ) 1.The first photo taken by Niepce was a pictures of ____________ A. his business   B. his house    C. his garden    D. his window ( ) 2.The Daguerro type was____________. A. a Frenchman  B. a kind of picture  C. a kind of camera  D. a photographer ( ) 3.If a photographer wanted to take pictures of moving things in the year of 1840s, he had to__________. A. watch lots of films     B. buy an expensive camera C. stop in most cities   D. tak