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最新版新目标七年级英语下册Unit 1Can you play the guitar

Unit 1 Can you play the guitar? Ⅰ. 单项选择 (每小题1分,共15分) 从A,B,C,D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ( ) 1. Bill can play _____ violin but he can’t play _____ chess. A. the, / B. the, the C. /, the D. a, / ( ) 2. -_____ does he want to join our club? -Because I can sing. A. What B. How C. Why D. Where ( ) 3. We want students __________ school show. Can you sing? A. at B. to C. for D. with ( ) 4. Miss Read is good ________music.She can be good ________ children in the music club. A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at ( ) 5. They can ___________ much English. A. talk B. say C. tell D. speak ( ) 6. She can sing and she can _______ dance. A. too B. also C. or D. but ( ) 7. Do you have time _________ the weekends? A. at B. in C. under D. on ( ) 8. They often help kids _________ dancing. A. on B. with C. to D. at ( ) 9. David paints well. He can join the _____. A. music club B. chess club C. English club D. art club ( )10.-What can you do, Lin Tao? -_________. A. I like sports B. I am well C. I want to join the music club D. I can tell stories ( )11. She doesn’t have ________ milk, but she has _________ coffee. A. some, some B. any, some C. some, any D. any, any ( )12. –What can you do, Li Xin? -I can ________ Chinese kung fu. A. be B. do C. have D. make ( )13. Do you like singing? Please come and join _________. A. we B. our C. us D. they ( )14. Tom can play the guitar, ________ he can’t play it very well. A. and B. so C. but D. or ( )15. –Can you play the drums ________ the pianos? -I can play the drums. A. and B. but C. or D. so Ⅱ. 完形填空 (每小题1分,共10分) 阅读短文,从A,B,C,D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 What do you do after class at your school? You may say you go 16______ and do 17______ homework. But I think we can have 18________ other things to do after class. We can 19________ different clubs, like the art club and the music club. What can you do? If you swim well, you 20________ in the swimming club. Maybe(也许) you can’t play the violin 21_________ the guitar well, but you can 22________ to play them at the music club. 23_______, some people there can help you. I like books and I often go to the 24_______club. Do you like books? Come 25_______ me. ( ) 16. A. to school B. to club C. home ( ) 17. A. your B. my C. our ( ) 18. A. little B. many C. much ( ) 19. A. join B. come C.go ( ) 20. A. can come B. can be C. can go ( ) 21. A. and B. but C. or ( ) 22. A. know B. learn C. let ( ) 23. A. Then B. But C. Or ( ) 24. A. art B. music C. reading ( ) 25. A. with B. at C. on Ⅲ. 阅读理解 (每小题2分,共10分) 根据下列材料,选择正确选项。 Do you want to be an artist ( 艺术家 ) ? Do you want to be an artist? Come to our club, and you can find yourself in happiness(快乐). We have lessons about the guitar, drum, the violin and the piano for just ¥20 each. You can also learn to sing, to dance for ¥25 each. If you like art, you can be satisfied(满意的), too—it’s just for ¥30 each! ( ) 26. How many instruments(乐器)does the ad mention? A. Four B. Five C. Three D. Six ( ) 27. How much is it for a piano lesson? A. ¥25 B. ¥20 C. ¥30 D. ¥45 ( ) 28. We can’t learn about ________ in the club. A. drums B. art C. violin D. swimming ( ) 29. If you want to learn about the guitar and dance, you should pay(付款)_______. A. ¥45 B. ¥20 C. ¥30 D. ¥25 ( ) 30.What does “lessons” mean(意思是)in the ad? A.听 B. 教训 C. 课程 D. 教室 Ⅳ. 词汇 (每空1分,共20分) A.根据首字母和汉语提示写出所缺单词。 31. Jennifer’s friends are m_____________. They can write and sing many good songs. 32. Let’s j______________ the music club. 33. Miss Brown is our teacher. She t___________ you math. 34. Can he s___________Chinese? 35. We can see three _____________(钢琴) in the room. B. 完成句子 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词 36.你很擅长讲故事。 You _________ very ___________ ___________ telling stories. 37.你想加入什么俱乐部。 ________ club do you want _________ __________? 38.那个老师对我们很好。我们愿意和他交朋友。 The teacher is nice to us. We would ___________ ______________ ________ him. 39.你能给我们将一些英语故事吗? Can you _________ us some English ___________? 40. 你能和他们谈心并且和他们做游戏吗? Can you ________ _________ them and __________ games __________ them? Ⅴ. 情景交际 (每小题2分,共10分) 从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话(其中有两项是多余的)。 A. How old are you? B. Can I help you? C. What can you do? D. That sounds great. E. Do you have e-mail addresses? F. I can swim. G. What are your names? A: Hey, Betty! Can you swim? B: No, I can’t. How about you, Mary? A: I can’t, either (也). Let’s join the swimming club. B: 41 Let’s go. (In Sun Swimming Club) C: 42 A: Yes, please. We want to join the swimming club. C: Good. 43 A: I’m Mary and she is Betty. C: 44 A: I’m thirteen and she is eleven. C: 45 A: Yes, maryj@pep.com.cn and betty1998@126.com. C: Great. Thanks a lot. 41. _______, 42. _________, 43. __________, 44. __________ 45. __________ Ⅵ、句型转换 (每空1分,共13分) 46. Amy wants to join the art club. ( 对划线部分提问) ___________ club ____________ Amy want to join? 47. My sister can play the guitar.(变为否定句) My sister ___________ _____________ the guitar. 48. Tom can join the music club. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答) —_________ Tom _________the music club? —________, he _________. 49. I want to join the English club because I want to learn English. (划线提问) __________ __________ you want to join the English club? 50. Tom can play the drum. He can’t play the trumpet(喇叭). (用but连成一句话)