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新目标七年级英语下册寒假班unit one

金钥匙学堂 寒假班英语学案 Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。 学生姓名:_____________ 家长签字:_____________ 七年级英语下册 寒假班(2012 -1--12) Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? 辅导内容:重点单词、重点短语、重点句型 辅导目标:预习、讲解、练习重点知识,掌握每单元的基本知识框架 辅导方法:基础知识归纳(预习检查)+ 重点知识点讲解+ 达标检测 家长反馈意见: __________________________________________________________________________________ 导学学案] 上册复习: 一、用单词的适当形式填空. 1. Look, this is _________(I) mother. 2. These are his ________(parent). 3. His father _____(be) a teacher. 4. My friends _____(be) students. 1. My father and my mother are my _________. 2. This is my sister. ______name is Mary. 3. What are these? They are ________.(苹果) 4. Those are my_________(弟弟们). 5. Your mothers mother is your __________. 6. He likes apples.(改否定句) He________ _________ apples. 7. His father has breakfast at home.(改一般疑问句)________ his father ________ breakfast at home ? 8. Do you like tomatoes?(作肯定与否定回答)Yes, ____ ____ / No, ____ ____ 9. Can you_______these things to your brother, Tom?A. take B. bring C. fetch D. carry 10.— Wheres Shanghai? —Its______China.A. in B. in the C. at D. on 11. These are my______. A. key B. keys C. keies D. keyes 12. 在桌子下面__________ 在梳妆台上__________  在书橱里___________ ___ 在沙发上____________ 在床下面____________  在椅子后面____________ 二、用 do,does,don’t,doesn’t 填空. 1.—____ you have a TV ? —Yes, I ______ . 2. —____ she have a soccer ball? —No, she ______. 3.—____ we have a tennis racket? —Yes, we ______ . 4. —____ the cat have a tail?尾巴 —Yes,it ____________ 5. —____ they have a computer? —No, they ______ 下册预习: 一.翻译下列重点短语:   1 ._______________________来自于----  2.__________________________居住在---   3. _______________________在周末  4 .______________ = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信给某人   5 .___________________________ 在世界上_________________________ 在中国   6.____________________14岁 _________________________最喜欢的科目   7._________________________ 美国 _____________________ 英国_____________________纽约   8.________________________讲英语____________________________爱憎   9.___________________________去看电影 _______________做运动 10. 一点法语______________ 11. 太难______________   二.翻译下列重点句式:   1 Where’s your pen pal from? = Where does your pen pal come from/____________________________________   2 Where does he live?_____________________________________ 3 What language(s) does he speak?_____________________________________________   4 I want a pen pal in China. ___________________________________________________ 5 I can speak English and a little French.________________________________________   6 Please write and tell me about yourself. ________________________________________________________   7 Can you write to me soon? ______________________________________________________   8 I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. ____________________________________________   三.本单元的国家,人民、语言首都 对应。   1 Canada---- Canadian---- English / French ----   2 France------ French------French ---- Paris   3 Japan------Japanese----Japanese----Tokyo   4 Australia----Australian----- English------ Canberra   5 the United States------ American---- English ---- Washington   6 the United Kingdom---British----- Enghish ----- London 不同国家的人的单复数名称    总称(谓语用复数) 一个人  两个人  总称(谓语用复数) 一个人  两个人  中国人the Chinese   a Chinese two Chinese 瑞士人  the Swiss    a Swiss  two Swiss 澳大利亚人the Australian an Australian two Australians   俄国人  the Russians  a Russian  two Russians 意大利人 the Italians  an Italian two Italians 希腊人  the Greek   a Greek  twoGreeks 法国人theFrench a Frenchman two Frenchmen 日本人  the Japanese a Japanese two Japanese 美国人the Americans an American two Americans 印度人  the Indians  an Indian  two Indians 加拿大人the Canadians a Canadian two Canadians 德国人 the Germans a Germans two Germans 英国人the English an Englishman two Englishmen 瑞典人  the Swedish  aSwede two Swedes  达标检测 一、单项选择 1.--___ is this pencil case __? --It’s from the USA. A.What, from B. What color, / C. Where, from D. Where, / 2. --Where are Emma’s parents from? --_____ from Japan.A. It’s B. These’re C. She’s D. They’re 3.—What language does your new pen pal speak? ---_____. A .France B. Mexico C. Spanish D. Korea ( )4.—Where does she _____? --She lives in Beijing. A. from B. live , in C. lives D. live ( )5. My new pen pal _____Canada and speaks English. A.come from B is from C. live D. live in ( )6.—Is that your new friend? --_____. A.Yes, she is. B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, it is D. No, that isn’t ( )7.Does she have _____brothers _____sisters? A.some, and B. any, and C. some ,or D.ANY, OR ( )8.She likes ______ to the movies and ______ basketball. A.go to play B. going, playing C. to go, playing D. going ,to play ( )9. Do you _______Australia? A. speak B. from C. live D. come from ( ) 10.London is the capital of ___. A. the United States B. the United Kingdom C. Australia D. Japan ( )11.The people in America speak______. A. English B. French. C .Chinese D. America ( )12.He _______ French very well, so he ______ it in French. A. speaks, says B. speaks, speaks C. says, speaks D. say, say ( )13. “This is my new pen pal,” She ______. A. tells B. says C. speaks D. talks ( )14.There is _____ coffee in the bottle, is there? A.. a little B. few C. little D. a few ( )15.Can you _____ it in French? A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell ()16. _______doyoucomefrom?A.When B.How C.Where D. Why ()17.Samlikes_______hisfriends. A.toplay B.plays C.playwith D.playingwith ()18.Shelives_______Sydney. A.at B.on C.in D.behind ()19.Where_______she? ---I