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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 5 》单元综合检测题(无答案) 人教新目标版

《Unit 5 It must belong to Carla》单元综合检测题 一.单项选择(15分) ( ) 1. You_____ be tired after working for eight hours without a rest. A. can B. may C. must D. need ( ) 2. ----- Look at the boy running on the ground. Is it Davis? ----- It_____ be him. I saw him go to the teacher’s office just now. A. must B. can’t C. could D. might ( ) 3. -----Must I hand in my exercise book now, Mr. Zhang? -----No, you_____. You may give it to me tomorrow. A. can’t B. may not C. mustn’t D. needn’t ( ) 4. This computer must be Mary’s, _____? A. mustn’t it B. must it C. isn’t it D. can’t it ( ) 5. ----May I swim in the lake, Dad? ---No, you _____. It’s dangerous for you. A. may not B. mightn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t ( ) 6.This book_____ to Mary. A. belong B. belongs C .is belonged D. is belonging ( ) 7.I don’t know____ book this is. A. who B. whom C. who’s D. whose ( ) 8.When I came in, I saw him____. A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched ( ) 9.I saw him_____ the key _____the lock, turn it and open the door. A. putting; in B. put; in C. putting; to D. put; to ( ) 10.The pants are_____ short for to wear. A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too ( ) 11. --- What is behind the tree? --- There be a dog _____beside it. A. sit B. sat C. sitting D. to sit ( ) 12.Don’t open the cage. The bird may______ it. A. escape B. escape from C. escape into D. be escaped ( ) 13.When the father came home, the naughty boy pretended ______his homework. A. to do B. do C. doing D. being done ( ) 14.I think I must _____this book because I bought it two years ago. A. read B. be reading C. have read Dreads ( ) 15. ---English seems very difficult to me, Dad. ---Oh, don’t ____ it. It may be difficult, but it is very useful. A. drop B. fall C. go D. stop 二.完形填空(15分) For several years, Americans have enjoyed teleshopping-watching TV and buying things by phone. Now teleshopping is starting in Europe. In some __1__ countries, people can turn on their __2__ and shop for clothes, jewelry, food, toys and __3__ things.   Teleshopping is becoming popular in Sweden. __4__, the biggest Swedish company sells different kinds of things on TV in fifteen European countries, and in one year, it makes $10 million. In France, there are two teleshopping channels, and the French __5__ about $ 20 million a year in buying things through those channels.   In Germany, __6__ last year teleshopping was only possible on one channel for one hour every day. Then the government allowed more teleshopping. Other channels can __7__ for telebusiness, including the largest American teleshopping company and a 24-hour teleshopping company. German __8__ are hoping these will help them sell more things.   Some people like teleshopping because it allows them to do their shopping without __9__. With all the traffic problems in cities, going shopping is not an easy thing. But at the same time, other Europeans __10__ like this new way of buying things. They call __11__ “junk on the air.” Many Europeans usually worry about the quality of the things __12__ on TV. They think high quality is the most important thing, and they don’t believe they can be sure about the quality of the things __13__.   The need of high quality means that European teleshopping companies will have to be __14__ the American companies. They will have to be more careful about __15__ of the things they sell. They will also have to work harder to sell things that the buyers cannot touch or see by themselves.   1. A. European B. Asian C. American D. African   2. A. lights B. switches C. radios D. TVs   3. A. some else B. another many C. the other D. many other   4. A. Such as B. For example C. For teleshopping D. It is like   5. A. takes B. cost C. spends D. spend   6. A. to B. until C. unless D. by   7. A. begin B. leave C. open D. turn on   8. A. people B. women C. businessmen D. officials   9. A. to go out B. going out C. to buy things D. buying things   10. A. still B. don’t C. even D. won’t   11. A. teleshopping B. TV C. radio D. telephone   12. A. appearing B. coming out C. for sale D. to buy   13. A. in the shop B. on TV C. they bought D. by this way   14. A. the same with B. different from C. as big as D. larger than   15. A. the number B. the quality C. the places D. the buyers 三、综合填空(15分) 根据短文意思,用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空(有两项是多余的) She; enough; at; for; smile; remember; do; world; worry; ready; take; night Only mother’s love is true love. It gives everyone everything all his life. When you are still a baby, mother(1) ______good care of you as much as possible. In your waking hours, she always holds you in her arms. When you are ill, she stops her work right now to look after you day and (2) _____and forgets about (3) ______. When you are growing up day by day, she feels very happy. When you are old (4) _____to go to school, mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on more clothes. She always stands in the wind waiting for you back from school every day. When you hurry to leave home for school with little breakfast, She always feels (5) ____about you at home. She usually knows about your study and spends much money on your school things. When you do well (6) ______school, you will see the brightest (7) _____on her face. Mother can do everything for you day after day. Mother is always (8) _____to give everything, she has to give her children, not to receive. What true love that is in the (9) _____! We will (10) _____mother’s love for ever! (1)______ (2) ______ (3) _____ (4) ______ (5) _______ (6)______ (7) ______ (8) ______ (9) _____ (10) _______ 四.阅读理解(20分) A Now satellites are helping to forecast(预报)the weather. T