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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 4 what would you do》单元综合检测题(无答案) 人教新目标版

《Unit 4 what would you do》单元综合检测题 一、单项选择(15分) ( )1.If I____ you, I’d take a small present with some nice words on it. A. was B. were C. am D. be ( ) 2.What____you ____if you got hurt at home? A. has; done B. will; do C. would; do D. are; doing ( ) 3. The girl won___ _ dollars in a lottery. A. a million B. millions C. million of D. two millions ( ) 4.What____you fell and hurt your knee? A. weather B. whether C. if D. though ( ) 5. If I ____not so busy, I____ go with you. A. was; would B. were; would C. was; should D. were; should ( )6. ----Are you going to buy a camera? ----Yes, but there are so many kinds that I can’t decide ____to buy. A. what B. which C. how D. where ( ) 7. ----The box is ____heavy ____to carry. Can you help me? -----Certainly. A. so; for B. much; of C. very; to D. too; for ( ) 8.I found Tom easy to get along_______. A. to B .for C. with D. about ( ) 9. -----Could you give the book _____ Alice ____ me? -----Sure. A. to; for B. for; to C. to; to D. for; for ( )10.Tomorrow you must _____your exercise-book to me。 A. take B. bring C. carry D. get ( ) 11.We stopped_____ carefully, but heard nothing. A. hearing B. to listen C. listening D. to hear ( ) 12.If you don’t fell well, you may just _____. A. stopped working B. stop working C. stopped to work D. stop to work ( ) 13.Who do you think _____ English best in your class? A. learn B. learning C. learns D. learned 二、完形填空(15分) It was almost 9:00 pm when Mia Jason left her office to go home. It was 1 . She started her car and she 2 down the road that led to her house in the country. She 3 the radio and sang songs while she was driving. The heater (暖气机)wasn’t working, and singing helped to keep her 4 . The snow was heavy. Then Mia went across a small 5 .The bridge was covered with ice and the car went out of control(失去控制). Mia hit her head on the steering wheel and lost consciousness(知觉). When she 6 , her head was bleeding(流血), and she was shaking from the cold. She didn’t know 7 she was. Mia opened the car door and looked around. She was under the bridge, and her car was sitting on the 8 river! She felt very 9 . She knew the ice wouldn’t 10 her car for very long. She 11 to walk up the hill several times, but she kept falling in the snow. Mia tried 12 time. She knew that 13 could see her car under the bridge. She was lying in the snow, and she couldn’t 14 . Mia closed her eyes and 15 die. Then she heard a voice. Mia opened her eyes. There was an old man standing over her. She stood up and walked up with the help of the old man. “That’s my truck,” said the old man. “Get in and I’ll take you home.” ( )1. A. raining B. cool C. snowing D. late ( )2. A. ran B. drove C. walked D. rode ( )3. A. turned on B. turned over C. turned off D. turned down ( )4. A. happy B. not alone C. warm D. not lonely ( )5. A. bridge B. village C. town D. farm ( )6. A. got up B. came back C. looked up D. woke up ( )7. A. how B. what C .why D. where ( )8. A. deep B. frozen C. wide D. cold ( )9. A. angry B. sad C. surprised D. afraid ( )10. A. keep B. pull C. take D. hold ( )11. A. tried B. wanted C. would like D. seemed ( )12. A. one B. one more C. other D. the other ( )13. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one ( )14. A. feel B. hear C. move D. go ( )15. A. waited to B. had to C. was able to D. decided to 三、综合填空(15分) 根据短文意思,用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空(有两项是多余的) well; how; try; home; want; find; why; kill; way; for; they; at Thousands of years ago, people didn’t live in cold places because they didn’t know how to keep(1)_____warm. Later they learned to make clothes. When an animal was (2) _____, they made use of its skins to cover their bodies. The skins kept them warm. Nature is people’s good friend. It once helped people (3) ___ fire. When lightning hit a forest and started a fire, People took some of this fire to their (4) ____.The fire kept them warm and also frightened wild animals. Soon people found the food cooked tasted much (5)_____,so they began to use the fire to cook food . But people still didn’t know (6) _____to make a fire. When they got a fire from the forest, they (7) _____ to keep it burning. If it went out, they had to wait for years. Later they found different (8) ______ to make fire. For example, they made fire by burning wood or knocking two pieces of stones. Today it’s easy (9) _____ people to make fire because they have matches, lighters and different kinds of heaters. They can make fire(10)___any time they need . (1)______ (2)______(3)_____(4)______(5)_______ (6)______(7)______(8)______(9)_____(10)_______ 四.阅读理解(40分) A Mexicos neighbors are the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south. Mexico is about one quarter of the size of the United States. Mexico has more than ninety million people. The language of Mexico is Spanish. This makes Mexico have the most people who speak Spanish in the world. Mexico City is the capital and largest city of Mexico. The city is also very high. It is 7349 feet high (2,240 meters). This makes it one of the highest capital cities in the world. The population, of Mexico City grows bigger every day. About thirty million people live there. It has more people than any other city in the world, even more than Tokyo. Mexico also has its specialties. Many of the foods we eat started in Mexico. Foods like beans, maize, avocados, tomatoes, peanuts, chili peppers, vanilla, and chocolate come from Mexico. Mexico is also famous for its cactus (仙人掌) plants. Mexico has more kinds of cactus than any other country. ( ) 1. Mexico is ____the USA. A. on the south of B. on the north of C. a part of D. as large as ( ) 2. Mexicans speak______. A. English B. French C. Spanish D. Latin (拉丁语) ( ) 3. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. B. The population of Mexico City is 30,000,000. C. Tokyo is one of the cities with the largest population.