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版高考英语 Passage 19 Would Rather Complain双语美文集锦素材

Passage 19 Would Rather Complain, Or Be Happy? If we really want to be happy, why do we act like such babies? We can claim to be proactive in our life by settings goals and going after what we want. But if we’re always whining and complaining all the time, are we really living effectively? If you don’t believe me, count how many times you complain about something or others in one day. Whether it is being stuck in traffic, being bothered by the weather, not enough mustard on your sandwich, or whatever it is, there are endless instances where you can find a reason to complain. But it’s not just outside circumstances that we complain about. We complain about ourselves too. We complain that we don’t have enough time, that we don’t have enough money (this one is huge because it’s often “true”), that we’re not smart enough, cool enough, or just enough. I know I’ve experienced plenty of unpleasantness due to complaining about things I can’t control. I never really thought about it much until I found this website about “living in a complain-free world. ” Imagine how much happier you would be if you simply stopped complaining. Much of what you complain about is outside of your control anyway. What’s the point of brooding about something you have no power to change? Not very intelligent, if you ask me. Simply becoming conscious of how much you complain is the first step to stopping. When you recognize that you’re complaining, stop and take notice of it. Ask yourself if you would rather complain, or be happy. 要抱怨,还是要快乐? 如果我们真得想要高兴,为什么要像小孩子那样呢? 我们可以积极主动地在我们生活中设定目标,然后向着目标进发。但是如果我们整天牢骚满腹,怨天尤人的话,我们还能有效地生活吗? 如果你不相信我,仔细想想你一天要抱怨几次。不管是因为被糟糕的交通困住,被天气所困扰,还是三明治上芥末放得不够,总之生活中有无数的烦心事可以让你抱怨。 不仅仅外部的环境让我们抱怨,我们还不断地抱怨我们自己。比如时间不够多啊,钱不够花啊(这个最多,因为它往往更“真实”),不够聪明不够冷静啊,反正什么看上去都不够好。 我知道,因为抱怨自己不能控制的事情,我已经历了许多的不开心。我没有仔细思考过这个问题,直到有一天我发现这个叫“活在没有抱怨的世界中”的网站。 想想吧,如果你停止抱怨的话你会变得多么快乐。反正那些事情又无力改变,整天想着那些你无力改变的事情又有什么意义呢?如果你来问我,我会说那样很愚蠢。 停止抱怨要做的第一步就是想清楚你有多能抱怨。当你意识到自己在抱怨的时候,停下来,问问自己是要变得快乐还是继续这样抱怨下去。