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版高考英语 Passage 5 What I learned in kindergarten双语美文集锦素材

Passage 5 What I learned in kindergarten Most of what I really need to know about how to live, what to do and how to be, I learned in kindergarten. Most of my wisdom was also gained in the nursery school. These are the things learned; Don’t fight. Don’t quarrel with my cousins. Don’t veil my mistake. Don’t imitate the criminal behaviors of fraud and thief in the television series. Don’t steal coins in the closet, cartoon in the grocery bacon, toast or jam in the cupboard (cabinet). Clean up my own garbage (trash). Don’t talk about disappointing topics. Share candy with my partners. Distinguish the goodness from the vice. Hold to traditional virtues such as honesty and integrity justice and kindness, mercy and patience. Promote social morality. Accept the criticism or proposal of others modestly. Eat more carrot, cereal, salad and garlic, and control yourself to eat less dessert, fried chips, sausage, and stale diet. Classify the clothing of each season. 在幼儿园里学到的 绝大部分我所学到的知识,例如如何生活,该做些什么事,怎样行事方面,早在幼儿园里就已经学到了。我大部分的人生智慧也是在幼儿园里学到的。以下这些都是我在幼儿园里学到的: 不打架: 不跟兄妹争吵: 不掩饰自己的过失: 不效仿电视剧中骗子和小偷的罪恶行为: 不偷壁厨里的硬币,杂货店里的漫画和食橱里的咸肉、烤面包或果酱; 清理自己的垃圾; 不讲令人扫兴的话题; 与伙伴们分享糖果; 区别善与恶; 保持诚实正直、公平友好、宽容忍让的传统美德; 发扬社会公德; 虚心地接受别人的建议; 多吃胡萝卜、谷物、色拉和大蒜,少吃甜食、炸薯片、香肠和不新鲜的食物等; 分开四季的衣物。