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版高考英语 Passage 26 Love Is a Two双语美文集锦素材

Passage 26 Love Is a Two-way Street A father sat at his desk poring over his monthly bills when his young son rushed in and announced, “Dad, because this is your birthday and you’re 55 years old, I’m going to give you 55 kisses, one for each year! ” When the boy started making good on his word, the father exclaimed, “Oh, Andrew, don’t do it now; I’m too busy! ” The youngster immediately fell silent as tears welled up in his big blue eyes. Apologically the father said, “You can finish later.” The boy said nothing but quietly walked away, disappointment written over his face. That evening the father said, “Come and finish the kisses now, Andrew! ” But the boy didn’t respond. Unfortunately, a few days later after this incident, the boy had an accident and was drowned. His heartbroken father wrote: “If only I could tell him how much I regret my thoughtless words, and could be assured that he knows how much my heart is aching. ” . . . Love is a two-way street. Any loving act must be warmly accepted or it will be taken as rejection and can leave a scar. If we are too busy to give and receive love, we are too busy! Nothing is more important than responding with love to the cry for love from those who are near and precious to us. Because. . . there may be no chance at all as in the case of the little boy. . . 爱,是一条双行道 父亲坐在办公桌旁,正盯着那些一个月来的账单,这时,他的小儿子冲了进来,大声宣布: “爸爸,因为今天是你五十五岁的生日,我想给你五十五个吻,一年一个!”当男孩正要兑现诺言时,他爸爸大声说道:“哦,安德鲁,现在不行,我太忙了!” 小男孩马上不吭声了,蓝色的大眼睛里涌满了泪水。父亲深表歉意地说:“过会有空再亲吧。” 男孩什么也没说,只是静静地走开了,失望的表情溢于言表。 那天晚上,父亲说:“来吧安德鲁,现在可以亲了!”但是,孩子却没有做出回应。 不幸的是,这件事刚过去几天,小男孩就不幸溺水身亡。伤心欲绝的爸爸写道: “如果我早告诉他,对于那些无心的话我是多么后悔,他一定会明白我的心有多么痛。” 爱,是一条双行道。对于爱的表示一定要热心地接受,否则对方会以为你拒绝了,从而留下一道伤痕。如果我们忙得连给予和接受爱的时间都没有,那未免也忙得太过分了!对于那些在我们身边,对我们弥足珍贵的人,用爱去回应他们爱的渴望,这最重要不过了!因为……如果发生像小男孩这样的情况,即使后悔也没有机会了……